Hi, welcome to my website. I make the dopest beats you can find
on the internet or anywhere else.
Addictive as f#ck!
Better not to listen these ruf beats.
You've been warned.


Some of my dope tracks

Unleash your inner wolf

FB: facebook.com/subwoov
IG: @subwoovrecords
Mail me @:


These people heard it first!

Totally Legit Source

My skin has cleared, my teeth are white, I lost 10 pounds & got happily married because of his dope beats!

Mr. Grindsmith

There's something purely innocent and magical about Subwoöv! that just warms my heart whenever I hear one of his tracks. This is art, I'm holding back tears.

Karen Hurdurrson

I'm not happy at all. I played some of his beats and my stereo caught fire.
I wanna see the manager!

Change your life as well, listen now!